Shopify Switzerland tax issue 2024

If you have a Shopify Shop in Switzerland, the New Years Eve in 2024 was not good.

Shopify forgot to update the tax rate to 8.1%. Since you cannot change this value for Switzerland (other countries in Shopify Tax support this), you are stuck.

I discussed with the first level support:

Currently, the only workaround is:

You need to create a manual selected collection for all products and assign them a special tax rate:


  • Create a manual collection
  • Add ALL of your products
  • Make sure the collection is NOT published (“Manage sales channels” -> all elements must be unchecked)
  • Go to Shopify Tax settings for Switzerland: Settings -> Tax and Duties -> Switzerland -> Product Overrides
  • Select the collection you created before -> Enter the correct tax rate: 8.1 (or 8,1)

How to test?

Create a draft order and check that the correct tax rate is applied.

If you already have orders or invoices with the wrong tax -> get in touch with Shopify.

Thanks to very friendly and supportive Shopify agent!

Thanks to my very friendly support agent:

Please get in touch with Shopify to escalate this issue and get support!