About Tobias Kluge

I’m a German working and living in Switzerland. My passion is – besides my family, music and sport – computer science. I’ve been working since 15 years in various fields and areas:

  • experience – in requirements engineering, software analysis, design and development of various software systems, testing and project management
  • development – in various programming languages including Java, C#, PHP, C/C++, bash/sh, tcl/tk, Pascal + Delphi
  • operating systems – all kinds of Windows (starting with Win 3.11), DOS, Linux(since debian 1.3), MacOS X
  • platforms – server, workstations (including SGI), mobile clients (Symbian and WinCE based), web
  • various technologies – including XML, WebServices, CORBA, …
  • various applications and software – as Microsoft Exchange Server, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Lotus Notes (including administration tasks), Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, PrintNet T
  • video editing and dvd production – with Final Cut Pro, Sorenson and a little Avid
  • database – Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 R2, MySQL, Postgres SQL; and little experience with data warehouse and data mining technologies
  • cognitive science – speech recognition, dialogue systems, text to speech (tts), video recording, recoding and playing, virtual user interfaces
  • companies – ranging from self-employed persons, small and medium-sized companies up to big enterprises with 40.000+ employes in various areas including information technology, consulting, health, transportation,  web and internet based business, education/university;  medium and big research projects (founded by the European Commission) and also non-profit organisations
  • marketing – offline and online media; writing articles, press releases, papers and participating in book reviews

The main focus of my current work is the web and webbased applications. This is my passion and in my oppinion a big part of tomorrows world. It’s already there, but still evolving rapidly every month.

You can find my profile at Xing and Linkedin.